Update 1.4.0 for game.tv has arrived!

We’re super excited to share with you the new features, fixes and improvements below:

1. For new game.tv players and those curious, we’ve got you covered. An improved Player Journey allows you to join Guilds, select Games and personalize your Home Feed when joining the app.
2. Enhanced Home Feed with:

    a. Infinite scroll,

    b. Varied content customized to your preferences,

    c. Suggestions for Guilds, Games, Quick Games, Video Shorts and more,

    d. Option to join Guilds directly.
3. All videos will only play for 5 seconds before pausing and will be muted when scrolled past.
4. Challenge past opponents in Quick Games to a rematch. Further your winning streak or stage a winning comeback.
5. Fixed UI overlap and a few cosmetic issues found on certain devices.

Update game.tv right away and check out the above. Let us know what you think about it here.

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