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Quanto aos torneios rápidos alguém está sem receber premiação a muito tempo? Ganhei um a cerca de um mês e até entao continuo sem receber a premiação da plataforma


Thank you for contacting us. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused as this is not the kind of experience we want you to have on  

Please share details of this tournament (link, guild name, tournament name etc.) you not received the prize in along with the relevant screenshots so that our team can investigate and ensure you get your due prize.  

Regards, support team  

Foi um torneio rápido realizado pelo aplicativo da, um torneio próprio da plataforma, o jogo bata na toupeira, a premiação seria no valor de 15 euros em forma de código da Google Play


Thank you for writing us back. After checking from our end, the delivery period of the prize is up to 45 days.   

This time duration is provided considering the availability of the promised prize and to ensure fair price distribution. 

We are working to deliver all outstanding awards as soon as possible so kindly wait a few more days. You shall soon receive your reward.   

Your patience and understanding in this regard are highly appreciated.   

Regards, support team  

Ganhei um torneio rápido da diretoria de guildas, booyah premiado o pagamento era de gift card 15 reais, se passou o prazo e não recebi o pagamento.
Apesar da abertura do ticket meu problema ainda não foi selecionado, joguei o campeonato a mais de 45 dias e não recebi nenhuma premiação
A premiação referente a esse torneio ainda nao chegou ao meu email, estou muito descontente com isso apesar de ter sido ultrapassado o prazo de 45 dias do app

Dear and MasteRDoG, 

We regret the inconvenience caused due to this prize distribution delay. Our prizes do take some time to get delivered. This is to facilitate processing to the correct winner, and ensuring the prize won is in stock.

We ensure you that our team is looking into the concern on a priority basis. Therefore, please provide us some time as we get back to you with a solution. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Regards,  support team

Dear MasteRDoG and,    

We are glad to inform you that your prizes have been dispatched. 

Your concern was of high priority to us and so our team took the necessary action.   

You will soon receive it in a few days. We regret the inconvenience caused. We will try to ensure that such delays will not happen again.  

Thanks and Regards support team

Boa noite, fiz um torneio em setembro e até agora não foi liberado. Oque devo fazer ? Meu nick e: Deus de Konoha Torneio: X1 SHOW - EWR 75

Hey victorjose2015,   

Thanks for contacting us.   

The screenshot shared doesn't seem to align with your stated issue. Please share your concern in detail with us here.   

Especially, if it is related to:  

a)  a particular tournament - we recommend you to follow more Clubs to increase your chances of getting selected.  


b) a tournament prize not received - we suggest you share the tournament link so that we can help you further.   

Any more details are welcome too. It will help us solve the issue that much faster. We look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, support team 

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