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If you've followed the wrong Club by accident, you can easily exit it by going through the steps of this guide. 

This can help you wipe away all Club-related content (tournaments, video shorts, streams, NFTs) from showing up on your Home Feed, or the "Tournaments", "Clubs", or "Watch" tab.

To exit a Club, you should:

  • Launch the app and head to the "Clubs" tab
  • Select the Club you want to exit from the "My clubs" list
  • Tap the three horizontal dots located top right
  • Select "Unfollow" and confirm the same in the pop-up to proceed

NoteThis is not applicable if you are the only Admin of that Club. You should assign another Club Follower as an Admin before exiting. 

How can I exit/leave a Club?

1. Launch and tap the "Clubs" tab.

 2. Choose the Club which you want to exit/leave (Press "more " if the particular club is not featured in the main page).

3. Tap the three horizontal dots.

4. Select the "Unfollow" option to exit/leave the Club.

5. Press "Yes, unfollow now" to confirm your exit from the Club.

That’s all there is. Have fun gaming!

Last Updated 18th January 2022.

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