Joined the wrong guild? Added to a group by mistake? 

Fret not, cause with the simple steps listed below, say goodbye to all those guilds you want no part of.

NoteThis is not applicable if you are the only member in the guild. You need at least two members before making an exit.

How to exit/leave a guild?

1. Launch on your device.

2. Click on the drawer icon on the top left. 



3. Select the “Guilds and communities option.


4. Under “My guilds” choose the guild which you want to exit/leave (Click "More >" if the particular guild is not featured in the main page).

5. Click on the three dots located top right.

6. This will present the "Leave" option. Select this to exit/leave the guild.

That’s all there is. Have fun gaming!

Last Updated 02nd June 2021.

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