Accidentally added some followers to your club and want to remove them? Check out the following steps to do just that.

Note: Only Admins can remove followers  from the club

How to Remove followers from a Club?

1. Launch on your device.

2. Click on the drawer icon on the bottom right side . 



3. Select the down arrow next to the "Gamer's Space".


4. Select your Club from the list shown. 

5. Choose "View my club" option available at top left.

6. Click on the “Followers tab in orange.


7. This will open the "Followers" page. Here, you can find the particular followers by scrolling down or typing their name in the search bar.

8. Click on the three dots next to the user you want to remove. Select "kickout" from the options shown.


That’s all folks!

Last Updated 04th June 2021.

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