So you’ve played loads of tournaments and consolidated a good number of players in your guild. 

What’s next? Why, challenging other Guilds to see who’s the best. This simple video and/or the steps below will help you figure out how.

How to unlock guild wars?

Watch the video below to know how to unlock a Guild Wars Tournament:

Or check out these steps below:

1. Launch on your device.

2. Click on the drawer icon on the top left.

3. Select the “Guilds and communities” option. 


4a. If you are not part of any guild, you will see the following messages. You can then either create a guild or join an existing one

4b. Ensure that your guild has completed at least one tournament. This will unlock the Guild Wars option. Click on the "Explore guild wars" button to learn more.

5. If you've already unlocked the Guild Wars feature, just click on the "More >" button to proceed.

6. This will open the “Guild wars” page. Here you’ll find three tabs:

    a. Warzone: Shows all available guild wars. It also allows you to create your own guild wars tournament

    b. Leaderboard: Displays rankings of all guilds worldwide.


    c. History: Contains all past guild wars competed in.

That’s all folks! You’re now all set to take your guild to new heights and cement a spot on Guild Leaderboards. Best of luck and Happy Gaming!

Last Updated 11th December 2020.

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