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Looking to form a team and dominate tournaments? This guide and video below will help. 

Note: Wanting to know how you can register for Solo tournaments instead? Check out this guide. Also, be careful who you share the code to as once they sign up in your team, only the Host can remove them and you will not be able to kick them out.

How to register as a team and invite other players to join?

Watch the video below to know how to register as a team and invite other players:

Or check out these steps below:

1. Open the tournament link given by the tournament host/admin. Click on the  “Register” button in blue. 

Note: If it's a "Duo" tournament, each team will house 2 players. You can find these details below the tournament name.

2. Select the "Team" option. Also provide details like Team Name, In-Game ID (In-Game Name will be fetched from the In-Game ID it’s associated with) and hit the “Register” button. 


3. You’ll receive the Team code in a pop-up window. Click on “Share code” to send it via the social media platform of choice.

4. The teammate should click on the link shared. This will automatically fetch the team name and team code. They just has to enter their In-Game ID and click on “Register”.

Note: We allow partial team check-in too. So in case your friend(s) cannot form the team, we've got you'll either be assigned a Solo player or a bot to fill the ranks.

That’s all folks! Your team has been registered. Just check-in before the tournament starts and you’ll be automatically placed in the same team.

Last Updated 28th June 2021.

Thanks for reading all the way through. If you have any further questions or your doubt wasn’t clarified, click here to raise a ticket. We’re always ready to help.