Have some quick queries you need answers to? Well we’ve got them covered below. 

Note: We recommend updating to the latest version first. All answers below will be based on that version’s functioning.

Q. OTP Login is not working. What do I do?

    A. You can login via Twitter or Google options as well. However if that does not work, or you already have an account linked to your phone number, reach out by our direct response form with your username and we’ll get you reconnected in no time.

Q. Installed the app but confused on what to do next. Any help?

    A. Check out these guides on joining a guild or creating your own. This way you can play tournaments, chat with fellow gamers and explore more.

Q. Why am I not receiving my rewards (gems/money/DJ Alok ) after playing well? 

    A. We apologize for this. Rewards are directly handled by the respective guild admins and game.tv does not interfere to ensure fairness. However in such a case, reach out by our direct response form with your username, guild & tournament details to help us track down and ensure you get your due rewards.

Q. Registered early but still not selected. This has happened repeatedly. Why so?

    A. As our guilds grow in popularity, tournaments reach full capacity faster. Best solution is to either join more guilds and/or register and check-in as quick as possible.

Q. How to get money/diamonds/rare items/other prizes?

    A. Prizes are granted for winning tournaments, and guilds handle it independently. game.tv is not involved in this process whatsoever. This ensures fairness and competition. So join more guilds, play well, win big. 

Q. Why does it take 2 weeks for prizes to be deposited?

    A. This time period ensures that the right person receives the prize and no mistakes are made. Also, as we process loads of prizes daily, time is required to sort through them all. We appreciate your patience for the same.

Q. I won the match but the results say otherwise. What is happening?

    A. The match results can be updated either manually or automatically. The error happens when the tournament host chooses the former and forgets to update it on their end. The best solution is to contact them via the match or guild chat to correct the results.

Q. Why can I not access a particular guild I used to be a member in?

    A. This is mostly because you have been banned from the particular guild, for using profanity, abuse or something similar. As a platform, we allow guild admins to act independently and cannot interfere. You'll only be able to access the guild again when their admin unbans you.

Q. Where is the ID password I need to enter a Free Fire lobby?

    A. The ID password is generated by the host of the tournament. Usually they share it via guild chat where the details are pinnedIt will also be sent to you directly via notification.   

Q. How to unlock the third brawler in Brawl Stars and finally play it on game.tv?

    A. Play matches to fill up the trophy count. Earn enough trophies to unlock the third reward on the Trophy Road. This reward will give you the third brawler. 

Q. Why can I not see any tournaments on the landing page/home page/dashboard?

    A. This is mostly because you have not joined any guilds or registered for the tournaments they host. Doing both would immediately populate the page with tournaments to look out for and play. If the issue persists, get in touch with the mail ID below.

Q. How can I enable streaming for my fellow guild members/fans to watch and enjoy?

    A. You'll have to enable the same in the "New tournament" settings mode when creating a "Custom tournament". You also have to provide the streaming link for people to join and view. This guide on enabling livestreams can help you in detail. 

Q. When do Leaderboards update every week?

    A. Leaderboards are updated every Monday at midnight 00:00 UTC.

Q. Not enough solo/multiple lobby/single lobby/duo/etc. matches. What is the solution?

    A. As a platform, we do not play an active role in creating or organizing tournaments. Hence, you can request your respective guild admins to organize these modes via guild chat. You can create your own guild, or create your own private tournament  otherwise.

Q. Lost access to my Free Fire/Brawl Stars/COD:M/any other game account. What do I do?

    A. In this case, we cannot help directly as we do not have access to these accounts. The best solution is to contact the respective support team directly.

Q. Can we link our app account with the Discord account?
    A. Currently, we do not support multi-account linkage. The two are separate and will be for the time being.

Q. Unable to login into my game.tv account. What do I do?

    A. Reach out to us with our direct response form. We'll help you get your account back.

Q. How can I see more video shorts of my favorite creator?

    A. Find one of their videos and click on the Uploader's name. This will take you to their video pages where all their past videos are catalogued. Refer to this article to know more.

Q. How do tickets work exactly?
    A. Tickets are designed to reduce wait-list issues and provide chances for everyone to play. You get 100 tickets assigned daily that are refreshed by 00:00 UTC. Each tournament costs a certain fixed amount. Every successful registration will use up those tickets. To know more, click on the ticket icon in the side drawer menu.

Q. How to change my profile pic and name?

    A. Click on the side drawer menu, and select your profile at the top. Here, you can change your profile pic or name by clicking on the pencil icon. The profile pic now allows you to upload a custom image plus GIF support as well. To know more, check out this guide. 

Q. Can I use GIFs on game.tv?

    A. Yes you can. Not only within our chat options, whether in guild or matches, but also as a profile pic. Try it out now and be a pioneer among your peers.

Q. What is the difference between this and Discord's version?

    A. Though started by the same team, the mobile app is an extended and over-powered version of the Discord game.tv, for more players and more opportunities. Discord can only do so much but with the app, the sky's the limit. Soon our game count will be too.

Q. Why is the app not downloading/installing?

    A. This would have to do with your current internet speed/latency, or space available as our app requires about 140MB. We request you try again, keeping in mind the above factors and if the issue persists, get in touch here.

Q. How many tickets are taken for each game?
    A. The number of tickets taken depends from game to game. Currently Free Fire takes 10 tickets while the rest require only 5. This is subject to change.

Q. How to collect tickets?
    A. Select the side drawer menu. There up top, beneath the profile, you’ll see the Ticket bar with the line “Tickets recharged”. Click on the “Collect Now” button next to it, to get your daily tickets.

Q. How to "Pause" a tournament?
    A. Select the side drawer menu. Click the “Host a tournament” button below. Here, scroll down till you find and click on the particular tournament. Select the “Pause” button below right to pause indefinitely.

Q. What is a random selection tournament?
A. Registration works on a first-come-first-serve basis. When the cutoff is reached, those after will be wait-listed. When choosing this option, players will be chosen randomly, whether or not they registered before the cutoff.

Q. What is the difference between Single Elimination and Round Robin?
    A. Single Elimination
: Playoff style; one round vs another. One loss, you’re out. If you win you go up against others like you who passed the first round.
Round Robin
: Round-table style; one round vs every other player/team. Final tally of wins is counted to decide overall winner. Multiple chances of losing possible.

Q. What is the difference between UHost and AI-Assisted?
    A. UHost:
Manual-run tournament where team bracketing, match processing, results updation, lobby count have to be done by the tournament host. Available in all modes and games.
Full automation where all the above is taken care of by our inbuilt AI-system. Just click and sit back. Limited to a few modes and games.

Q. What is Private tournament?
    A. Private tournaments can be organized and set-up by any game.tv player, without having to be an admin/manager/moderator or even a guild member. They are password-protected. Best for friends looking for a good time alone with restricted invites. This guide will teach you how to enable it.

Q. What is check-in time? Why is it showing even after I’ve registered?
    A. It ensures that registrations are genuine and/or confirms they intend to play. Registrations can be made in advance while check-in time is closer to actual tournament start. Also this provides those on the wait list a chance to play despite registering late.

Q. What is the difference between Quick and Custom tournament?

    A. Quick tournament: Main advantage is speed. All settings are fixed in advance. One just needs to choose the game, mode and start time. Will instantly be ready to share and play.
Custom tournament: 
Main advantage is customization. You can tweak various settings like livestream, lobby count, private, AI-assist etc. For tournaments which are scheduled in the future.

Q. How to find the version of my application? 

    A. Open the app and click on the side-drawer menu. Scroll down to see the “Version:” with the number there in grey, underneath the “Logout” option.

Q. Can I request for more tickets?

    A. No. Our ticket count has been fixed to 100 after lots of research and deliberation.

Q. Can I use the same account for Web app and Mobile version login?

    A. This is currently not possible. You’ll have to create separate accounts for each.

Q. What is the Match-up button seen under the Tournament page post registration?

    A. This allows you to see all the lobbies and round you/your team are part of. Plus, you’ll get to know your opponents and play-off structure.

Q. Where do I check all my played tournaments?

    A. Currently there is no dedicated button or page. Your main dashboard will show all registered tournaments.

Q. For what all events are notifications sent?

    A. Notifications are sent for the following:

        a. Reminders:

            i. To check-in to a tournament.

            ii. To complete a team's required count.

        b. Player/Team removed

        c. Match Details:

            i. Discarded/scrapped match.

            ii. Ready to play.

            iii. Scheduled with date and time.

            iv. End of match.

            v. Declaring final results.

        d. Bye received when an opponent drops out and a player qualifies automatically to next round.

        e. Submitted scores:

            i. Your score

            ii. Opponent's score

            iii. Conflict between your score and opponents', asking for re-entry.

         f. Raising:

            i. Issues

            ii. Host's response to issues raised.

        g. Joining a lobby with ID and password.

        h. Team/Player brackets created.

        i. Tickets have returned for daily play.

        j. Liking a video short.


Q. Can I use Substitute feature for all games and modes available on the app?

    A. No. Currently it is only made available for Call of Duty: Mobile, Free Fire and Brawl Stars. It is also restricted to Squad and Duo modes.

Q. With the "Report player" feature, can I report on admins, managers or moderators?

    A. This is currently not possible. For that, you can contact us using this link, providing similar proof of any abusive language, cheating etc, as with the feature.

Q. How can I tie up with you all for sponsorship/partnership/affiliation?

    A. Currently we are not accepting any sponsorship/partnership/affiliation requests. However please do send your social media/stream links and details here. This will help us reach out to you when we resume the programme.

Q. Can I use game.tv with an Android Emulator on PC (BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, Dolphin etc.)?

    A. Yes, you can. Our app has been optimized for Android Emulator-play as well. We also have game.tv support on PC/Mac as well. Check out this guide to know more. 

Q. Disappointed with the prizes/modes offered by a guild. What do I do?
    A. Our tournament hosts/guild admins decide on prizes independent of us. As a platform, this allows us to manage and oversee millions of tournaments and guilds. So reach out to the guild via Guild Chat and request them to change the prize. If that doesn't work, then join guilds where the prizes offered are up to your satisfaction.

Q. How many players can be present in one tournament max?

    A. 1024 players is our current maximum count, spread across a total of 113 lobbies. But this is also optional based on number of servers available and other options chosen during guild creation.

Q. Unable to find guilds/tournaments from my country/geo. What do I do?
    A. Our app is built by the community it houses. In this case, create your own and invite your friends. Reach out to us using this link once you've done so and built your guild. We can provide further support for prizes and verification. We're always looking for pioneers.

Q. Registered and checked-in but I saw the room is already full. How?

    A. Some players after receiving the ID Password share it with their unregistered friends allowing them to access the room and depriving you of the chance. In such a case, report this to the tournament host via Match chat. Also, share these details and screenshots here.

Q. Why is the app lagging so much?

    A. Lag can be caused by your own device. Try clearing your cache and unused data by heading to your Settings menu. For Android users - Settings>Storage>Clear cache data.

For iOS users - Settings>General>iPhone Storage.

Q. What happens if I was promised one prize and receive another?
    A. This usually happens when the promised prize is unavailable due to some reason. Hence the other prize is given instead. Unless it's lower in value, we request that you accept it then. If this happens often, we ask that you reach out to us here with screenshots and details. 

Q. Why am I seeing tournaments for a game I've not joined any guild of?

    A. Our home page shows the most popular tournaments in your geo/location regardless of whether you've joined a guild of that game. If you find it interesting you can always join it from there itself.

Q. How are tournaments sorted on the home page?

    A. Tournaments are sorted on a date basis. They are reverse-chronologically ordered from newest to oldest. So all upcoming tournaments are showcased first and past tournaments last.

Q. Can I challenge my friends/ people I know to Quick Games?

    A. Currently, our Quick Game matches are randomized with players worldwide. Hence, you cannot decide or invite who you go up against. A workaround is to play Practice matches and compare scores personally.

Q. What can I do if sponsorship rules change?

    A. As with anything else here, you can contact us directly here. Note that sponsorship requirements are subject to change based on several factors.

Q. Not enough tournaments for the Guild I joined. What to do?

    A. The best solution is to join other verified guilds. These guilds ensure you receive your prizes and can be followed up on. Also, they contain attractive rewards.

Q. What is the new Home Page all about?

    A. The new Home Page displays all popular tournaments, recommended guilds to join, games to choose as Favorites, and even Quick Games to play. Makes accessing all our game.tv prime features much simpler.

Q. Can I delete a tournament I created?

    A. While we don't have a Delete button per se, you can Pause the tournament. After 48 hours, that will be deleted automatically. You can also Clean up them as well. Head to the tournament and click the 3 dots next to it, and choose the relevant option. Follow this guide  to know more.

Q. Does loading times affect my waitlisting chances?

    A. No, it does not. Waitlisting is effected by the number of players trying to register, lobbies available and whether random selection is enabled.

Q. Why have the lobby and tournament count reduced?

    A. These are due to changes in the sponsorship rules, which cover various aspects of a guild's activities. They herald something new and improved, ensured to bring a smile to all players faces.

Q. How to change the display language in the app?

    A. Only by changing the device language will the app language change. Follow this Android guide or iOS guide for help here. After this, give the device some time to load these changes before relaunching game.tv. 

Note: This can cause  difficulties if you're not fluent in the language, making it hard to revert back. Proceed with care.

Q. Can I participate in tournaments from other Geos/Regions/Countries?

    A. We do not limit players from joining guilds/tournaments from any country. However this may be complicated when it comes to prize distribution as each country offers prize options perhaps not present in other countries. Talk to the Tournament host before proceeding.

Q. Found out about a particular guild I'm interested in joining. How can I do that?

    A. Head to our "Guilds and communities section in the side drawer menu>Select "Find guild" below>Search for the guild name in the Search bar> Select the Guild (in case of duplicates, choose the one either verified by a blue tick mark or by member count)>Click on "Join guild" below. 

Q. Why is my In-Game Name not appearing correctly?

    A. Our servers store your In-Game Names for faster access. If you change your In-Game Name in the respective game, then that will have to be changed in our app as well.

Q. How can I access a guild tournament in the app?

    A. Our Home feed makes accessing guild tournaments much easier. All tournaments from all guilds you've joined will show up there. Click on those with slots free to register.

Q. Where can I find the Team Call option?

    A. Team Call option is only accessible to players before/during a tournament. It also only activates when your team has been formed. On the tournament page, it will be featured right on top under the tabs offered.

Q. What happens if I forgot my login Password (Google/Twitter)?
    A. You'll have to head to their respective "Forgot Password?" links below their login screen. Or head to these respective links - Google and Twitter

Q. I've already unlocked 3 brawlers in Brawl Stars. Why is it not letting me register?

    A. This is an issue we're working hard to fix. In the mean time, try re-entering your In-Game ID. This should help you register smoothly.

Q. What do I do if the ID Password provided is incorrect?

    A. Use the Tournament Chat feature (on the Tournament Page). Let the Host know so they can recorrect and send the proper one. This only happens in manual tournaments and not automated ones.

Q. I’m getting a System overclocked error. Why?
A. This happens when you enter an incorrect In-Game ID/Name. Please re-enter the details and refer to the “How to find your…” guide below for help.

Q. How can I access Guild Chat?

    A. Head to the particular Guild Page. Below you’ll see the “Chat” button in blue. Click on it to head to the Guild Chat.

Q. Are partnerships/sponsorships open?
    A. No, partnership programs are not open. However they will be soon. So be ready to share your streaming/social media links as we announce their open.

Q. The ID Password I was given to enter was incorrect. What do I do?

    A. We provide options in-match to report them. You can also use the Chat feature to let the Host know.

Q. Why do you keep updating the app and forcing us to update as well?

    A. Each update brings in new features, even games and more importantly boosts performance and stability. Hence we ask you to update as soon as possible and then let us know what you think by clicking here.

Q. How is the Rewards system different from prior Prize Distribution through Discord?

    A. Rewards makes prize-giving simpler, better and way faster for the following reasons:

        1. It is in-app as opposed to through Discord.

        2. You can contact the Host directly for any discrepancy or delay.

        3. Reduces the prize delivery time from the current 14 days.

        4. All your prize status will be showcased with details to look through anytime.

Last Updated 07 April 2021.

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