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As a Creator, Admin, Manager or Moderator of a Club, you can use Club Chat to not just communicate with your Followers.

By clicking on any Follower there, you can open several options such as:

  • Setting/changing their role (from Member to Moderator/Manager/Admin)
  • Kicking or banning them
  • and more...

Follow the simple steps below to get started.

How can I do more with a Follower in Club Chat?

1. Launch the app and select the "Clubs" tab below.

2. Choose your Club from the "My clubs" section or tap "more >" to see all Clubs you're following.

4. Press the "Chat" button below.

5. Hold-press any message of the member you want to view the options for.

6. This will open a pop-up box with the following options:

  • "Kickout player" - Kick follower from the Club. 
  • "Ban player" - Ban the follower from participating in the Club.
  • "Change role" - Switch the follower's role between admin, manager or moderator. 
  • "Remove/Assign role" - Remove/assign their admin, manager or moderator privileges.
  • "Report player" - Let the admin know about the follower for violating or the Club's policies.
  • "View profile" - See their profile in detail.

Note: The options available varies depending on whether you are an Admin, Manager, Moderator or a Follower. 

There you have it! 

Last Updated 30th November 2021.

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