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Want to play a Brawl Stars tournament but unable to do so? Haven't unlocked three Brawlers yet? You've come to the right place. Our simple guide below will show you how.

Note: Unlocked 3 (or more) brawlers already but still can't register? Re-enter your In-Game Name (IGN). Don't confuse between zero and the letter "O". If the issue persists, raise a ticket here.

How to Unlock 3 Brawlers in Brawl Stars?

1. Install Brawl Stars and launch the app.

2. After the loading screen, type your in-game name (will also be used for tournaments) and click "OK" after it turns green.

Note: If you've already have a Brawl Stars account, you can skip and head straight to your character screen by clicking the "SUPERCELL ID" button top left.

3. Then, select your age with the slider and click "CONFIRM" to proceed.

4. You'll have to play a Practice Match before unlocking the full game. Read the details and click on "Play" to proceed.

5. After finishing and winning some trophies, this will open the character screen. Click on the trophy section found top left.

6. Matches played will reward you trophies (more if you win). These help fill your "Trophy Road", unlocking new characters, events and bonuses.

7. Play enough to gain 20 trophies. This will unlock both the second brawler (Nita) and the second Brawl Box (which contains the third brawler Rosa).

With that, you can now join Brawl Stars guilds and play tournaments with your fellow gamers!

Last Updated 18th January 2020.

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