Limited by the options provided in a "Quick Tournament"? Want to try out, experiment on different tournament modes and features. With this guide, we've got your back. 

Note: Do update to the latest version of to explore new things you can do with it, enjoy improvements to the experience and expanded coverage for new games. 

How to Create a Custom Tournament?

1. Choose "Create" option from the bottom Navigation bar.

2. Select the “Create now” button in blue under create a tournament at the top.

3. Choose your preferred game.

4. In the "Choose tournament style" pop-up, select the "Custom Tournament" option and hit "Next".

5. Decide the tournament mode from the options given by clicking on the "Select" button.

6. This initial "New tournament" page, allows for quick customization. After you're done, click on "Create" in blue below right to get started. For further tweaking, select the "Advanced settings" option instead.

Note: Many of the settings can be seen in the latter as well. This page only contains the most important ones to allow for quicker and easier tournament creation.

7. This detailed "New tournament" page has three sections with further subdivisions:

Note: Not all settings shown below will be present across all games and selected modes. Plus, some of them cannot be changed, depending on modes and games selected or available. 

Basic info:

    a. Tournament name

    b. Game:

        i. CHOOSE MODE

        ii. TEAM SIZE (fixed in place as per the above mode selection) 

        iii. TEAMS PER TOURNAMENT: Can go as low as 2 to as high as 1024.

        iv. NUMBER OF WINNERS: From 1 to 3.

    c. Tournament Format: Decided based on the particular game's supported formats.

        i. TYPE: "Single elimination" (play-off style) or "Round robin" (face off against all players one by one).

    d. AI-assisted: Our crowning glory, a carefree system that takes care of team allocation, results processing and more with a single touch. Click the switch to enable or disable it.

    e. Schedule

        i. REGISTRATION START: Date & Time

        ii. REGISTRATION END: Date & Time

        iii. TOURNAMENT START: Date & Time

    f. Stream: Click to enable and livestream your matches to your fans.

        i. STREAM LINK: YouTube/Discord/Twitch/All other streaming software friendly.

    g. Region

        i. SELECT COUNTRY: It's Mr./Ms. Worldwide in here!

        ii. CHOOSE BOT LANGUAGE:  Offer a wide variety of languages to best suit your audience.



8. Details: 

    a. Tournament details: The text displayed and to be read by participants.

        i. DESCRIPTION: Edit to your hearts' content, building on what we've already provided.

        ii. RULES: Change or add only if necessary. 

        iii. PRIZES: From money to in-app rewards like diamonds, mention how much is earned and in what form for each of the winners.

9. Tournament settings:

    a. Solo registration: For modes with 1x1. For 2x2 and beyond, these registrations will be paired up randomly. Click on the switch to enable or disable.

    b. Team registration: For groups of players. Click on the switch to enable or disable.

    c. Incomplete teams: For those who don't fit the required team count. Can be provided Subs or randomised solo players. Click on the switch to enable or disable.

Note: Partial team check-in option is also supported for the tournaments.

    d. Check in: Gets players to re-confirm before playing. Click on the switch to enable or disable. 

        i. CHECK-IN WINDOW (only if enabled): Minimum 45 minutes between registration end and  tournament start.

        ii. TIME TO TOURNAMENT START (only if enabled): Allows players to Check in. 

    e. Random team selection: Participants will be randomly selected from all registrations. No     waitlisting and all have an equal chance of getting selected. Click on the switch to enable or                 disable.  

    f. Private tournament: The opposite of club tournaments. Only accessible via password            shared. Click on the switch to enable or disable. 

        i. PASSWORD (only if enabled) 

10. Click on "Next" or "Back" to navigate between the different sections. Otherwise, just click on their icons above. 

11. In the final "Tournament settings" section, once you've finalized on all other settings, select the "Create" button to prepare your tournament.

Note: If there are any errors or mandatory info not filled, the "Create" button will be greyed until the error is corrected. Even after clicking on the "Create" button, any remaining errors may be displayed and need to be fixed.

12. The "Tournament created" pop-up will be displayed. Read through it and "Publish" if you like to create now.

Note: Click on "Later" to save the tournament for later. You can access it under the "Tournaments" option in the Host console menu. 

13. A green "Tournament status updated" notification will flash after taking you to the Tournament page.

14. You can always "Pause" the created tournament by heading to the tournament page (see Step13 for how) and re-publish it later.

That's that! We hope this helped create that perfect tournament, fully under your control.

Last Updated 1st November 2021.

Thanks for using Let us know if you have any further questions. We’re always ready to help.