Want to create the perfect Brawl Stars tournament but tired of having to do things manually? Well worry no more - automation has come to the rescue. This guide will show you how to enable this.

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How to enable Automation in a Brawl Stars tournament?

1. Launch game.tv and click "More" bottom right of the Navigation bar.

2. Click on the down arrow next to the "Gamer's Space". 

3. Choose your Club.

4. Select "Create" on the Navigation Bar.

5. Choose "Create Now" under the "Create a tournament" card.

6. Select "Brawl Stars".

7. Click on "Custom Tournament" and hit "Next".

8. Select any of the "uHost" templates (located below the "AI-assisted" ones) colored light blue.

9. In the "New Tournaments" page, click on the "Advanced settings" button available at bottom left corner.

10. Under the "Basic info" tab, scroll to the "Tournament format" section.

11. Within the "TYPE" sub-section, select "Elimination".

12. This will introduce three new sections: 

    a. Lobby count

        i. NUMBER OF LOBBIES - Enter the number of lobbies here.

    b. Automated rounds: Enable or disable the switch to form the required lobbies and rounds               automatically.

        i. WINNERS PER LOBBY- Entering this number will calculate the "TOTAL ROUNDS".

        ii. TOTAL LOBBIES - By default will match "NUMBER OF LOBBIES" above. If the "WINNERS PER LOBBY" is changed, then the following error can be seen. Correct it by editing the specified number into the "NUMBER OF LOBBIES" box.

    c. Number of winners: Select between 1 to 3 winners.

Note: the number of winners per lobby will be lesser than or equal to half the player count allowed in a single lobby. This count will then be transferred to the lobbies created in the next round.

13. Head to Tournament Settings above. Hit the "Create" button to publish this tournament.

Your tournament's set and ready! The best part - in case not enough players join or some drop out, the lobbies & rounds will be calculated and modified automatically. No stress, no fuss!

Last Updated 09th November 2021.

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