Note: As usual, we request you to upgrade our app to the latest version to avail this, and many more fixes, features and games to enjoy.

Experimenting with our tournament settings and created one by accident? Want to delete a tournament that's cluttering up unnecessary space? This guide is here to help.

Note: You can only delete tournaments you have created yourself unless it's a Club Tournaments (indicated by the golden bannered "Club" on the card). Other club admins can delete such tournaments as well.

How to Delete a Created Tournament?

Note: Steps 1 - 3 are for those launching the app and seeing the Gamer's Space view. In case you arrive at the Creator's Space view instead, skip to Step 4.

1. Launch the app and select the "More" option on the Bar Menu.


2. Click on the down arrow next to the "Gamer's Space".

3. Select your Club from the list shown. 

Note: If you've not created your Club yet, select "Add new club" to get started on your path of becoming a Creator.

4. Choose "Content" in the bottom Navigation bar.

5. Click on the 3 horizontal dots for any of your Live tournaments.

Note: If you want to delete a "Paused" tournament, skip to Step 10.

6. Select "Pause".

Note: The "Delete" button can only be accessed after Pausing a tournament and heading to the Tournament page.

7. You can also click on the tournament and in its page, select "Pause" in blue below right.

8. Read through the "Tournament update" pop-up and click on "Yes".

9. A green "Tournament status updated" will confirm your action.

Note: If you re-"Publish" it within 48 hours, it will not be deleted.

10. Click on the 3 horizontal dots located bottom left.

11. Select "Delete" to remove the tournament by yourself.

Note: Otherwise within 48 hours, the tournament will be automatically deleted.

12. Read through the "Delete tournament" pop-up and select "Delete" in blue to proceed.

And viola! You have deleted that pesky tournament, freeing up clutter to create more.

Last Updated 20th October 2021.

Thanks for reading all the way through. If you have any further questions or your doubt wasn’t clarified, let us know right away. We’re always ready to help.