Note: As usual, we request you to upgrade our app to the latest version to avail this, and many more fixes, features and games to enjoy. 

Love a particular Club and want to support them? Eager to earn some exclusive perks and benefits to make your Club experience better? 

Our Fan Pass is the answer to all this and more. Check out the guide below to know all about it and how to access Fan Pass.

Note: Fan Pass is currently available in select Geos/Countries. If it isn't available in yours, no worries. It'll arrive there soon.

What is a Fan Pass?

Fan Pass allows you to show how much you care for a particular club. You can purchase them on our app using Gold Coins. 

Also, you unlock certain perks and benefits for supporting a particular club. These include:

  • Exclusive Tournaments
  • Chance to play alongside/versus the Club Admin
  • Premium Badges to display next to your profile on Chats, Leaderboard and more
  • Priority in Tournament Selection
  • Exclusive Watch Videos
  • Fans' Zone, a premium messaging spot to interact with fellow pass-holders
  • Exclusive live and old streams of your favorite Club's streamers

Note: A Fan Pass is valid for one Club only. All perks mentioned are restricted to that Club.

We offer them in three distinctive packs - Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Renew them before they expire to keep accessing these exclusives.

How to Access Fan Pass?

1. Launch and click on the drawer icon located bottom right.


2. Select "Fan Pass".

3. i) Read through the Fan Pass terms and conditions and FAQs (For Creator).

ii) Click on Gamer to read about the Fan Pass Benefits and FAQs (For Gamer

4. Click on "Buy now" when you're ready to proceed.

That's all folks! Check out the next section to know how to buy/renew Fan Passes.

How to Buy/Renew your Fan Pass?

1. On the "My Passes" page, all joined clubs will be shown.

2. Select the one you want and choose between "Day", "Week" or "Month".

3. Click on "Pay <Gold coin count>" to proceed. Your current Gold Coin balance will be shown as well.

4. Read through the "Payment Confirmation" pop-up and select "Confirm Purchase" to proceed.

5. The "Fan Pass purchased..." pop-up will appear. Click on "View <Club Name>" to see your unlocked exclusives.

6. In case you don't have enough Gold Coins, you'll be redirected to buy more. Select based on amount needed (shown above) and click on "Pay <amount>" to finish the transaction.

7. This will take you to the Payment Gateway. After finishing, a "Top-up successful" green message will verify the deposited coins and you'll be redirected to step 4 above.

8. For Pass renewal, you can select the "Renew" button on "Expired" or about to expire passes.

9. Choose the "PASS VARIANT" and click on "Pay <Gold coin count>".

10. Alternatively, renew the Pass directly on the particular Club Page by selecting the banner above.

Voila! You are now set to become a Fan Pass-holder and support your favorite club(s).

Last Updated 27th May 2021.

Thanks for reading all the way through. If you have any further questions or your doubt wasn’t clarified, let us know right away. We’re always ready to help.