Note: As usual, we request you to upgrade our app to the latest version to avail this, and many more fixes, features and games to enjoy.

Scratching your head to figure out what these gold coin images are? This guide will tell you all about the Gold Coins feature.

Note: Gold Coins are currently available in select Geos/Countries. If it isn't available in yours, no worries. It'll arrive there soon. 

What are Gold Coins?

Gold Coins are our in-app currency. You can use them to purchase Fan Passes. 

They can be earned by topping up (with attractive offers and discounts available).

How to Access Gold Coins?

1. Launch and click on the Gold Coins icon shown on top of the Home Feed.

2. This will open the Gold Coins info page. Scroll down to read through the description, Terms and Conditions, and FAQs.

3. Your balance will be shown up-top. If you're interested in topping-up, choose from the packs available.

4. Click on the "Pay <required amount>" in blue to confirm your top-up.

Note: Unless you choose an amount, the button will be greyed with a "Select an option" instead.

5. After the payment process, a "Coins added successfully" pop-up will verify your coins have been credited.

Note: From here, you can proceed directly to the Fan Pass page by clicking on the "Get a Fan Passbutton below. 

6. In case it fails, a red banner will notify that the purchase hasn't gone through. 

Note: If an amount has been deducted, don't worry! As mentioned, it will be refunded in a few days.

That's that! You're now a Gold Coin collector, ready to purchase Fan Passes when needed.

Last Updated 26th May 2021.

Thanks for reading all the way through. If you have any further questions or your doubt wasn’t clarified, let us know right away. We’re always ready to help.