Note: As usual, we request you to upgrade our app to the latest version to avail this, and many more fixes, features and games to enjoy. 

Heard about the new Prize Distribution System and want to know how it works? Confused on how to organise prizes for tournaments? This guide is here to help.

Note: You can only access this feature if your Guild is verified and approved for the Prize Distribution from our end. Get in touch here with your guild link and social media details for the same.

Note: If you're a player trying to understand where your prizes will be seen, check out this article instead.

What is Prize Distribution System?

Prize Distribution System (henceforth, shortened to PDS) is a system to make prize-giving easier, reliable and transparent for both players and admins/hosts. 

It creates one centralized avenue for all prizes to be enabled, finalized, approved and shared. The guides below will be divided into two sections:

  • How to enable prize-distribution in tournaments?
  • How to track the status, get prize-distribution approved and sent to players?

How to enable prize-distribution in tournaments?

1. Launch the app and click the drawer icon located top left. 

2. Select the “Host a tournament” button in blue. 

3. Click on the plus(+) icon located bottom right.  

4. Choose your preferred game. 

5. In the "Choose tournament style" pop-up, select the "Custom Tournament" option and hit "Next". 

6. Decide the tournament mode from the options given by clicking on the "Select" button. 

7. In the "New Tournaments" page, click on the "Advanced settings" button below left. 

8. Head to the "Details" Tab. Enable the "Prize" option shown underneath.

Note: Only verified guilds and/or tournament hosts can avail this feature. Otherwise, you'll not be able to see the options given.

9. Fill in/select the options provided:

    a. Prize description box (recommended as it helps players know what to expect on winning): Provide all relevant info like as follows - 1st Prize - <prize> 2nd Prize - <prize> and so on.

    b. "Region": Country where you're holding the tournament.

    c. "Positions and Prizes": 

        i. "POSITIONS" - Useful if you want the same prizes for some set positions (Eg. 1st position gets 1 prize, 2-4th position gets another prize and so on).

        ii. "PRIZES" - Select from the Prize options offered and enter the amount for each (will vary based on country and availability). 

Note: If you select "Others", you'll have to mention the name of the prize and the amount. This will have to be verified by the Super Admin.

        iii. "Add Position" - Add one more row if needed. Click on the red x icon to remove a row.

10. After editing or adding other settings as you see fit, hit the "Create" button to create the tournament. 

Note: To know all the different options and what they offer, check out this article.

11. Conduct the tournament and at its conclusion, enter the scores to decide the winners. This will open the "Prizes" tab.

12. To access this, select the side drawer menu icon top right.

13. Switch to the Host dashboard if you haven't already (check steps 1-2 above). Select "Tournaments".

14. Navigate to the particular tournament in the "Your Tournaments".

15. Select the "Prizes" tab seen here. 

Note: This will only be visible after the tournament has been "Completed".

16. Here you can see all the prizes to be verified and distributed to the players.

That's that! Now you can successfully enable prize-giving for tournaments. To know how to verify and distribute them, check the guide below.

How to track the status, get prize-distribution approved and sent to players?

1. On the "Prizes" tab, all positions present will be shown. Until they have been approved, prizes will be shown as "Pending" in red. 

2. Select any position to start editing their details.

3. For a team, you can choose between sharing the prize to the captain or the members.

4. This will open the "Region" and "Prize" options. You can change these if the player requests the same or if prizes aren't available. Click "Cancel" to discard the changes or "Done" to keep them. Select "Approve prizes" to proceed.

Note: You can even partially select who gets prizes within the lobby. By default all the winners will be ticked to receive their rewards. Click on the box to not have them receive the reward. 

5. Repeat this with all positions applicable. After, select the "Request Approval" button below to get the prizes approved by the Super-Admin.

6. A green "Approval request successfully sent" toast message will appear. 

7. The process might take some time. You'll be intimated via a push notification.

8. If the Super-Admin rejects the prize, it will show a red "Rejected" status with the reason stated below.

9. Fix the issue. If it involves contacting the winner, do so using the Chat option to the side.

10. Have them clear your concerns or accommodate any requests they have. GIF + Image support is present.

11. If you or the Super-Admin think there's cheating involved, select the "Mark team as disqualified" above to disqualify them. This will disable the "Region" and "Prize" options for that player/team.

12. Once you're done, select the "Request Approval" button again.

13. Once verified, the green "Approved" status will be shown and the prizes will be distributed automatically.

14. Click "Reload button" for refreshing the page to check latest updated reward history

That's all folks! Though slightly long, this simple procedure once mastered will have you distributing prizes like a champ.

Last Updated 28th July 2021.

Thanks for reading all the way through. If you have any further questions or your doubt wasn’t clarified, let us know right away. We’re always ready to help.