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Curious on how to create ID & Password for lobby-based games like Fortnite, PUBG: Mobile, Free Fire, COD: Mobile and more? This guide is here to help.

Note: To enter the ID & Password for a tournament, check out this article in that case.

How to enable ID & Password for Lobbies?

1. Launch and click "More" bottom right of the Navigation bar.

2. Select "Gamer's Space".

3. Click on the Club of Choice.

4. Select "Content" on the Navigation Bar.

5. Scroll down and choose the particular tournament.

6. Select the "Lobby" tab above right.

7. Click on "Create lobby".

10. This will create a "Round - 1" card. Select "Lobby 1" to get started.

11. Enter the ID & Password in the given spaces under "Room ID" and "Password". Click "PUBLISH"  after.

Note: You'll need to have created the Room in the particular game first.

12. A green "Lobby details published successfully" banner will indicate the ID and Password have been added.

13. This will now appear on the main Tournament feed for the players to see and join.

That's all folks! Have fun enabling and sharing the ID and Password for future tournaments.

Last Updated 07th June 2021.

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