Reminder: Do update to the latest version of to explore new things you can do with it, enjoy improvements to the experience and expanded coverage for new games. 


1. Creator's space to create, manage their clubs.

2. Truly own digital content! Buy, sell & manage NFTs from your favorite creators.

3. Clubs are no longer bound with a single game.

4. Newer, better and grander! Bottom navigation is here for easy access.

5. Safeguard your privacy with in-app delete option to delete profile.

6. Waiting for the next video short? Now, get a notification to alert you. 


1. Various bug fixes to enhance stability.

2. Optimizations to boost performance.


Brand New Features:

1. A warning will help the winner know if they enter a wrong mobile number when trying to redeem their PayTM prize.

2. Reduced delays in prize distribution. Get your due rewards faster and with less hassle.

3. You asked, we listened! The Rewards page now includes all your played Tournament History as well.

4. Pop-up to warn Fan Pass-Holders and Admins when leaving a Fan Pass-enabled guild. No more accidental Guild exits.

5. Videos will only play for 5 secs before pausing and will be muted when scrolled past. Preserve your mobile data while enjoying a good teaser of your favorite creators' content.

6. A brand new Home Feed, just for you! See live streams, video shorts, Quick Games and suggested Guilds too. Best part? They're tailor-made to your preferences and interests.

7. Want to avenge that Quick Game loss? Use a Friendly Challenge to get a rematch against the same opponent. Accept or Refuse similar requests from others. Enable "Do not Disturb" to skip such requests for a session.

8. A Welcome fit for Heroes! Revamped onboarding screen will show new Guilds to join and Games to select for an enhanced experience on

9. (For Indian users) Chicken dinner, we're all winners! PUBG: Mobile has returned as BGMI. All your prior PUBG guilds have been automatically converted to be BGMI-enabled. Get started where you left off.

10. An image's worth a 1000 words. Image size limits have been increased to 5mb. Also upload them when submitting scores or feedback.

11. Searching, searching, found! Searching is not only easier but much improved to find what you want that much faster.

Much Needed Bug Fixes:

1. Load no more! Fixed many loading issues faced when:

    a. Scrolling through the Home Feed

    b. Cancelling payment of Gold Coins

    c. Admin leaves the Guild

    d. Host receives notifications (iOS-only)

2. "Short" time is fun time. Video shorts feature has been significantly improved for an enhanced viewing experience:

    a. Fixed Share button, Comment button and liking videos error

    b. Fixed multiple issues of video shorts on the Home Feed

    c. Improved video short page

    d. Fixed issue where video shorts were not getting deleted

    e. Fixed grey screen errror for video shorts posted in Guilds

3. Fixed issues with video streams where:

    a. Mute/unmute options were not working

    b. Clicking on the stream did not redirect players to the stream page

4. Home sweet Home! The Home Feed has been significantly improved with the following:

    a. Fixed grey screen errors when selecting the Registered tournaments section

    b. Fixed "Null" error shown when sharing video streams

    c. Fixed Suggested content errors

    d. Fixed other multiple issues

5. Fan-passtic! Fixed several issues faced here including:

    a. Fan Pass not being active after purchasing it

    b. Fan Pass badge not showing up in Guild Chat

6. Gold Coins for the win! Issues with Gold Coins have been fixed, including:

    a. Inability to purchase them via any payment method (Android-only)

    b. Inability to purchase them via GPay

7. Quick Games for a Quick Generation! Fixed "Something went wrong" error message and other errors when playing Quick Games while being disconnected from the internet

8. Fixed many tournament issues including:

    a. Issues in Call of Duty:Mobile and League of Legends: Wildrift manual tournaments where submit score functionality was not working 

    b. Paused tournaments will show a "Tournament unavailable" message to registering users

    c. Issues with deleting tournaments

9. General fixes:

    a. Fixed issue where text fields where not editable

    b. Fixed issue where app stops working after scrolling (iOS-only)

    c. Fixed font overlap issue on Realme phone.

Last Updated 12th October 2021.

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