What is the Gamer's space?

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The Gamer's space is the view of game.tv open for all gamers (the other view being the Creator's space), where you can:

  • Play tournaments of different games
  • Earn prizes for winning tournaments
  • Watch video shorts and streams
  • Purchase NFTs
  • Follow Clubs 
  • Support your favorite Creators by purchasing a Fan Pass
  • Chat to fellow gamers

To access the Gamer's space, tap the Club name on any page of the Creator's space and switch to "Gamer's space".

Being a Creator can be rewarding but tough. If you want to relax and enjoy instead, you may switch over to the Gamer's space.

The steps in the following section will describe how you can do this  in detail .

How can I access the Gamer’s space?

1. Launch the app and press the down arrow next to your Club's name.

Note: You can switch from any of the tabs ("Dashboard", "Create", "Content" or "More") below.

2. Press the “Gamer’s space” option. 

3. This will open your Home Feed. From here you can scroll through to discover content. Or select the tabs below to:

  • Register for tournaments
  • Follow Clubs and see the content they have
  • Watch video shorts and streams
  • Purchase NFTs
  • And much "More".

That's all folks! Play tournaments, watch video shorts, binge live streams, purchase NFTs and more.

Last Updated 08th December 2021.

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