What is Gameshots by game.tv?

Gameshots by game.tv is a Windows app that provides a simple and easy integration between the world of mobile and PC gaming! You can use to record your gameplay on your desktop/laptop and share it with your game.tv Clubs. 

You can use Gameshots to:

  • Effortlessly record and save your gameplay on your PC
  • Set hotkeys to make recording fun, intuitive and blazing quick. Just tap and record
  • Auto-capture amazing in-game moments, from headshots to kill-assists
  • Modify audio and video settings to get the best video and audio quality possible
  • Save videos that you can rename, edit, mark as favorites and more
  • Share your gameplay with any game.tv Club in which you're an Admin or a Follower. 

The next section will run through hyperlinked Gameshots features to help you get started with using it.

Note: Currently Gameshots is enabled for Apex Legends but rest assured, we'll be adding more games soon! 

What all can I do in Gameshots?

1. Set hotkeys for major actions - Assign keys to quickly capture various gameplay moments, open the Gameshots screen and more.

2. Auto-capture gameplay - You can enable this to automatically capture specific moments such as kills, headshots and assists. 

Relax, play and watch as your gameplay highlights are automatically recorded even if you forget to press a key!

3. Record gameplay - Capture those vital moments of gameplay using Gameshots. It's easy and super fun.

5. View saved recordings - Once you've recorded your gameplay, you can view it later on a dedicated page where you can sort and search for the clips you want.

6Share recorded clips - All recorded clips can be shared on your game.tv Clubs. A great way to build up your Follower count and branch out content from just mobile gaming to PC gaming! 

Note: You'll need to first link your Gameshots account to game.tv to share clips. 

Browse through the next section to know different settings you can customize for a personalized Gameshots experience.

Which settings can I customize on Gameshots?

1. Customizing a game's recording settings - You can modify hotkeys, recording modes and more for the best record and capture experience out there! 

2. Adjusting audio and video quality - Customize the quality of your video capture settings between Low, Medium or High quality. 

Additionally, you can also customize the levels of your system's audio and your microphone settings!

3. Linking your game.tv account - Do so to access the sharing option so you can bring these gameplay recordings to your game.tv Clubs.

4. You can also:

That's all folks! You're now a Gameshots master, ready to record, save and share your gameplay with others!

Last updated on 17th April 2022.

Thank you for using Gameshots. Let us know if you have any further questions, we’re always ready to help!