Update 2.1.0 has made a grand entry! This version fixes many bugs and errors previously faced

Have you heard? 2.1.0 release is just out, hot off the press! And with it, comes much-needed fixes to boost your game.tv experience, like:

Messages on Club Chat will display in the order they are sent. Fixed the issue where they were showing at the top instead of at the bottom.

Unable to play Brawl Star tournaments cause you have similar Brawl Star nicknames? Fixed this issue, allowing you to register and play such tournaments easily.

The animation shown during your Onboarding into our app has been sped up. Get in faster to get to your favorite content quicker.

Download your hard-earned NFTs that you purchased without any worries. Fixed error on Android devices where it used to crash when downloading NFTs.

Now log out of a Google account and log back in with a different one. Fixed error where you could only log back in with the same Google account that you logged out of.

“Play” your tournaments with no stress. Fixed error when the “Play” button on the tournament page was not turning on.

Checking the Dashboard for your Club and finding a grey screen? Fixed this error so you can clearly see all the stats and data for your Club’s performance.