Update 2.0.0 has finally arrived! With so many new features to count, read on to find out more!

With this version, erase all prior expectations you have about game.tv. Open your eyes and phone to a whole new world of mobile gaming possibilities: 

1. Brand New On-boarding Journey for players old and new!

Create Clubs as a Creator straight away

Save your Favorite Games and Follow your preferred Clubs from the get go

2. Dedicated Space just for:

Gamers - Access tournaments, shorts, streams and more with ease.

Creators - A Dashboard showing valuable stats and metrics, and Content Creation & Management Tools. Valid for Club Admins only.

3. Filtering is not just for Clubs. Use them for tournaments too! Filter by status (Open, Live, Today), game, and mode (Solo, Duo, Squad, etc.)

4. Truly own/publish digital content! Buy NFT artworks from your favorite creators. Or create NFTs for your Fans to get access to.

5. More games the merrier! Clubs can now feature multiple games.

6. Revamped UI for an easier, more intuitive game.tv. Dedicated sections and pages for Tournaments, Clubs, Videos, Profile, Fan Pass and more.

7. Safeguarding your privacy? Completely wipe your game.tv profile with our In-app delete option. Your data, your wish.

8. Refined Navigation Bar, designed separately for Gamers and Creators. See all available options right below in a horizontal stretch to switch with just a click.

9. New and Improved Home Feed. See only one Content piece at a time. Saves mobile data. Set your preferences by joining Clubs. Swipe up to discover new and exciting content too.